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For more than 20 years, eSylvan has helped children build a strong academic foundation of basic skills so they can go on to master new skills. Imagine that the basic skills your child needs to succeed are building blocks. If there are critical skill gaps missing in the basic skill blocks, the ability to understand more advanced skills will break down and eventually cause failure and frustration.

For example, a student who fails to master division, a basic math concept, will certainly struggle with more complex algebra concepts that require knowledge of division to simplify quadratic equations. The same is true for reading skills. A student who fails to master phonics, vocabulary, and main idea concepts will be unable to master more complex deductive reasoning and other analytical comprehension skills that your child needs to succeed in school and life.

Skills Assessment Acts as an Academic X-Ray

Every eSylvan program begins with a comprehensive Skills Assessment - a nationally normed test that pinpoints your child's exact "skill gaps." Like the rest of the eSylvan program, your child takes the assessment online at home. Because it is comprehensive, it takes about an hour and a half to complete.

From the Skills Assessment Results, We Customize a Program

Within a day or two, one of our Academic Directors will interpret the results with you and discuss the specific causes of your child's struggle. Using these results, eSylvan then creates a program that is targeted specifically to your child's skill gaps and the learning objectives you have set for your child. Click here to view an example of assessment results.

eSylvan's diagnostic and prescriptive approach is the key to making sure your child gets the most effective learning experience possible.