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Best Online Tutoring

Best Online Tutoring's featured partner, EdKonnect, offers personalized math and reading programs for children in third through ninth grade. The programs are taught by certified teachers over the Internet using a special headset that allows your child and the teacher to talk throughout each lesson. The mission is to restore your child's self-confidence by helping him or her catch up, keep up, and get ahead in school.

Individualized Online Tutoring… From the Comfort of Home!

Our partners at edkonnect.com you want personalized academic help based on your child's specific needs. Now you can have proven, high-quality instruction tailored to your child's unique academic needs and delivered conveniently in the comfort and privacy of your home. It all begins with the edkonnect online skills assessment. The skills assessment identifies your child's strengths and weaknesses, enabling edkonnect to design your child's program around his or her particular skill gaps. Once enrolled, your child will receive individual attention from certified teachers, and you will receive ongoing communication regarding your child's progress in the program. eSylvan is so confident in their personalized programs that they will guarantee results!

Caring, Certified Teachers

The most important thing to understand about eSylvan is that all students actually talk with and learn from live, certified teachers -- not impersonal, self-paced software. eSylvan's teachers are caring professionals who are specifically trained to make each eSylvan session effective and enjoyable for your child.

A Learning Experience Students Enjoy

Kids love eSylvan. Learning online is not only exciting butit also provides private and individualized attention from a certified teacher who motivates and supports your child throughout the program. Many of eSylvan's students find the online programs so helpful and enjoyable that they engage quickly and look forward to their lessons.